It's time for our team to recharge during the Annual Quebec Construction Holiday period. We will be closed from July 22nd through August 2nd.

Any orders placed from July 18th through August 4th will be processed starting the week of August 5th. Please expect some delays during this time.

We will be back in action on August 5th.

Happy Holidays to all!

The website Makemybadge.com is created for the purpose of providing an easy and user-friendly online platform for managing release programs.

As a client, you can take advantage of volume pricing for even a single badge order. With just one click, you can keep track of the remaining badges in your program. You also have the option to preview your badge virtually before approving it.

Makemybadge.com is your solution to all your name badge orders, whether you are a starting business or a multinational.

To safeguard your brand, it is crucial to centralize the distribution of name badges if your company operates in multiple locations or has several branches. Consistency in badge design across all regions is essential to maintain your corporate image. Protect your brand with makemybadge.com.

We send out orders within 1 to 5 business days. Typically, orders are delivered via regular mail. However, if the quantity warrants it, we may opt to use a courier service. In such cases, you can find the tracking number in the "See Your Orders" section.

If you need your order quickly, you have the option to have them couriered. However, please note that there will be additional fees in addition to the shipping fees.

Read more about Name Badge Etiquette in our FAQs section.